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Free slots – an ocean of pleasure for gambling society

Free slots – actual types and the best variants to choose

If to consider any of survey taker’s results about what is the most popular in gambling world, the most part of answers will be: “free slots”. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone, as if even to calculate the number of available slots for free or for real money, and to compare the result with other hazard games’ total numbers, the difference will be huge. More than 80 % of gamblers prefer to play free slots, than spend own time, playing quite complicated alternative games.

The main types of free slots

Free slot games and the same for real money can be divided in some groups, and the main of them are the following.

  • Number of reels. The most frequent variants of free slots have 3, 5 or 6 reels on the display.
  • Video Slots or Multi-Lines Slots. This type is the most popular in the gamblers’ society, as it gives more exciting gaming process with more chances to win.
  • Bonus and Promotion system. When a player wants to get as more emotions as possible, of course, the choice is a slot with well-advanced bonus system. There can be free spins, special bonus games, free coins (this function is additionally realized on such sources, as Slotomania free coins, as an example) and other gifts.
  • Multi-leveled Bonus Slots. There are usually games with one possible bonus round. But the slots of the mentioned group have special bonus games that go one after another as long as a player wins.
  • Theme and design. Software providers try to be on the top and to invite new and attractive variants of slots. The themes can be absolutely different: fruit, cartoon and movies, historical and many others.
  • Availability on different devices. There are not only laptops used to “satisfy gamblers’ hunger”. Mobile devices also adopt gambling content to their platforms.

The mentioned categories are just the main ones, but if there’s a desire to make own “investigation”, everybody has a chance to create personal list of criteria.

The most popular free slots

Every rating has specific features, which are taken as a basis, but if to speak about free slots, the main aspects are interesting plot, good RTP and advanced bonus system. In accordance to these characteristics, the below mentioned list seems to be objective.

  • Cleopatra. The slot is provided by IGT. It has 5 reels and 20 paying lines. And in spite of not the biggest RTP (95.02 %), the game is still very popular amongst players. Maybe, bonus function is one of the reasons, as it gives a good chance to earn big amount of money. Besides Wild and Scatter Symbols are also available.
  • Wheel of Fortune. This is a specific slot with quite unusual structure of the reels and rows. So, the central reel has 5 rows, the second and the forth ones have 4 rows, and the first and the fifth are 3 rows reels. Thus, the appearance is close to a diamond image. There are 2 Scatter Symbols, which can launch 2 different bonus games. Wild Symbol is also available. And RTP at the rate of 96 % makes the slot very attractive for the players.
  • Wizard of Oz. This game is designed by SG Interactive and has 95.99 % of RTP. The game play is quite a standard one with 5 reels and 3 rows. But the interface, design and animations allow immersing into the atmosphere of the masterpiece, is the main advantage of the slot. Bonus system, including Wild Symbols and free spins also make the game very popular.

There are just 3 slots of thousands, and every gambler has a right to have own opinion about the best of them, but the most of the ratings will consist of, at least, 1 or 2 slots from the mentioned list.

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