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European Roulette Small Bets from iSoftBet

At online roulette a lot of advantages that provide this gambling game a huge popularity in the circles of fans of online casinos. One of the main advantages of this format is its democracy. Anyone can afford to make a few bets with real money.

Especially for users with limited financial resources company iSoftBet has released a model of European Roulette Small Bets. It allows you to bet a few cents on the stakes, but the maximum limit is quite high.

Play online European Roulette Small Bets

In European Roulette small bets from iSoftBet there are traditional rules. They are discussed in a separate article on the portal. The aim of the game is to guess the number, which will determine the random number generator, replacing in this case the croupier. The minimum bet per number is ten cents. The maximum for this position is ten euros.

European Roulette Small Bets casino

The order of numbers on the track is classic. The gameplay does not present any surprises. The client makes bets, then starts the ball by pressing the appropriate bet. When the ball stops in some number, the field is automatically cleared, and then the payout is accrued.

The following types of bets are accepted:

  • Internal – on one, two, three, four or six numbers;
  • Outside – on dozens, columns and equal odds (even/odd, big/small numbers, red/black);
  • Group – on sectors, neighbors, and finals.

The first two categories are unlikely to cause confusion, even for beginners. Group bets refer to bets that are sometimes called verbal bets in offline casinos. They are taken by the dealer, who himself places the player’s chips in the correct positions.

  • Sectors – certain sequences of numbers located next to each other on the wheel;
  • Neighbors – betting five any numbers lining up in a continuous chain;
  • Finals – betting on all numbers ending with a specified number.

How to play European Roulette Small Bets? (Interface)

European Roulette Small Bets has a user-friendly interface with many useful tools and features. The main part of the screen is a playing field with a markup for betting. The wheel is on the left. Below are chips of different denominations. They are intended for betting. Buttons to control the gameplay are listed at the bottom. You can see only the elements that can be used in the current situation.

  • Spin – to start a new spin
  • Cancel Bet – cancel bet
  • Cancel All – remove all chips from the field
  • New Game – new game
  • Last Bet – to repeat bet
  • Rebet & Spin – to repeat bets and start the ball

The current data appears in boxes:

  • Balance – money on the account
  • Bet – stake on the line
  • Winnings – winnings for the round

Group Bet button opens the panel of group bets with the following options:

  • Neighbours of Zero – analogous to the Voisins du Zero sector,
  • Thirds – more commonly known as Tiers.
  • Orphans – another name for Orphelins
  • Neighbous – bets by neighbors
  • Finals – bets in the format of finals

Autoplay does not exist. Spins start manually. The key in the top left corner opens the settings of the sound accompaniment, gameplay speed, backlighting and other options.

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